The Integrative Observational Platforms (IOP) group focuses on observational investigations of ocean physics at a variety of spatial and temporal scales, with particular interests in:

  • Small- and meso-scale upper ocean dynamics (e.g. mixed layers, internal waves, fronts, subduction and watermass transformation).
  • Response to strong atmospheric forcing.
  • Coastal processes.
  • Interactions between physical and biological/optical processes.
  • High-latitude dynamics and their interaction with the sub-Arctic.
These studies require a wide range of measurement capabilities, from rapidly occupied synoptic, three-dimensional surveys to repeated sections monitored over periods of months or years. Many of the important processes are episodic, occurring over short temporal or spatial scales that require highly adaptive sampling strategies to capture and resolve. Progress in other areas, such as high latitude circulation, may be hindered by difficult access and limited platform endurance. Motivated by these observational challenges, the IOP team works to develop and maintain expertise with a suite of measurement technologies that can be applied either singly or in flexible combinations optimized for particular problems.