Craig Lee

Sr. Principal Oceanograpger
APL Professor WOT, School of Oceanography

research interests: Upper ocean dynamics, high-latitude oceanography and Arctic change, coastal ocean processes, internal waves, fronts, and interaction between dynamics and biological processes

Luc Rainville

Principal Oceanograpger
Affiliate Associate Professor, School of Oceanography

research interests: Propagation of internal waves through eddies and fronts. Water mass formation and transformation by episodic forcing events. Mixing and internal waves in the Arctic and in the Southern Ocean.

Jason Gobat

Sr. Principal Oceanograpger
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research interests: Development and application of innovative oceanographic research platforms, instrument development, sensor integration and telemetry. Dynamics of moored and towed cabled platforms.

Leah Johnson

Senior Oceanographer

Geoff Shilling

Sr. Principal Engineer

Kyla Drushka

Pr. Oceanographer

Ben Jokinen

Sr. Oceanographer

Mike Johnson

Sr. Engineer

Laura Crews

Graduate student

Samuel Brenner

PhD student
School of Oceanography
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research interests: Upper ocean dynamics, Arctic sea ice-ocean interaction

Adam Huxtable

Mechanical Engineer