A broad range of investigators participated in the winter 2000 Japan/East Sea cruise, executing a suite of physical, biological, bio-optical and meteorological measurements (summarized below). Research interests included frontal dynamics, watermass formation, bio-optical variability, boundary layer meteorology, and thermal and ocean color (chlorophyll) variability. Real-time access to remote sensing and near-real time access to PALACE float measurements allowed us to optimize sampling strategies. We anticipate close collaboration between these research efforts as data analysis proceeds.

Summary of Measurements

SeaSoar (Lee, Jones and Brink)

Hydrographic and Optical Casts (Jones, Brink, Lee)

Shipboard Sensors (Lee, Jones, Brink)

Meteorological Measurements (Dorman, Beardsley, Edson)

Satellite Characterization (Arnone, Gould)