Slope Water Interaction Workshop

23-24 August, 2000

Clark Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution




Observations and Models


1. Introduction

The U.S. GLOBEC Northwest Atlantic/Georges Bank program sponsored a workshop on Slope Water interactions with Georges Bank on August 23-24, 2000. The workshop was held in the Clark 507 conference room on the WHOI Quisset campus, with Carin Ashjian, Bob Beardsley, and Craig Lee serving as co-convenors with help from Chip Clancy, Bob Groman, and Jim Manning.

The workshop had three initial goals:

(1) Identify the various data (1995-1999) available to study interactions between Slope and Bank waters, including exchanges across the shelf-slope front, Gulf Stream Ring interactions and intrusions of Scotian Shelf water.

(2) Find ways to integrate available data- how can we combine the various observations to produce a comprehensive picture of the relevant processes?

(3) One product of this workshop should be concrete collaborations between investigators, including specific analysis plans and, perhaps, outlines or drafts of papers.

The first morning of the workshop was devoted to short presentations by the attendees describing their individual interests concerning Slope Water/Bank interactions, what phenomenoma they see in their data, and ideas about what other data they would like to see to help them interpret their own results. The afternoon was then spent developing a chronology of the more interesting events, relevant cruises and data sets for the three primary field years, 1995, 1997, and 1999. This discussion was continued on day 2, followed by brief discussions about detiding methods for satellite altimeter and shipboard ADCP data, and the organization of the workshop report.

This report presents next a short description of the kinds of Slope Water/Bank interactions of interest to the Georges Bank GLOBEC program. This is followed by detailed chronologies and event and cruise descriptions for the three main field years. The final section presents a synoptis and list of analyses to be done.