Adriatic Circulation Experiment — Mesoscale Dynamics and Response to Strong Atmospheric Forcing
Summary Feb 2003 Field Report June 2003 Field Report Science Party

Northern Adriatic response to a wintertime Bora wind event
C.M. Lee, F. Askari, J. Book, S. Carniel, B. Cushman-Roisin, C. Dorman, J. Doyle, P. Flament, C.K. Harris, B.H. Jones, M. Kuzmic, P. Martin, A. Ogston, M. Orlic, H. Perkins, P.-M. Poulain, J. Pullen, A. Russo, C. Sherwood, R.P. Signell, and D. Thaler

EOS, vol. 86, 19 April 2005.

Cruise report: DOLCE VITA 1 and 2, 31 January - 24 February and 26 May - 15 June, 2003
Craig Lee, Jason Gobat, Burton Jones, Pierre-Marie Poulain, Hartmut Peters, Donald Johnson, Alessandra Campanelli, Damir Vilicic, Clive Dorman, Dietmar Thaler, Zhihong Zheng, Laura Ursella, Elena Mauri, Davide Deponte, Riccardo Barbanti, Wesley Goode, Paola Fornasiero, Federica Grilli, Mirco Di Marco, David Bigazzi, Luca Bolognini, and Ivona Cetinic

Report from the two DOLCE VITA cruises.

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